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The Streamer's Secret by FoxFire486
Mature content
The Streamer's Secret :iconfoxfire486:FoxFire486 1,015 97
Mature content
Writing Prompt: The Wendigo's Curse (WG, Stuffing) :icondelicoustfs:delicousTFs 30 3
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 13)
    Bare feet on the cold, tile floor of a high school locker room—now that was a nostalgic sensation. The memories associated with the feeling may have been largely negative, but the whole situation held a warm familiarity nonetheless. Last time Vicki had set foot on a floor like this, it had been as an embarrassingly fat high-school student forced to take her clothes off in front of skinnier, prettier peers. Since then, a lot had changed, but the tiles were still cold, and she was still embarrassingly overweight.
    Heather finally broke the silence, shouting at her friends so that they could hear each other over the walls of their respective locker bays. "I'm, like, actually feeling really good about this now. I guess swimsuit shopping kind of reminded me how long it's been since I've actually set foot in the water."
    "Good!" Vicki huffed. "It'll be good for all of us to get some actual exercise for once."
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 107 26
Chubby Bunny by artofagod Chubby Bunny :iconartofagod:artofagod 65 5 Eva - Trade by Latitude-Lines Eva - Trade :iconlatitude-lines:Latitude-Lines 218 8
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Weekly Short Story: 220 :iconjerkajerk:jerkajerk 24 2
Valentine's Famish by kawaiidebu
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Valentine's Famish :iconkawaiidebu:kawaiidebu 995 20
Title Girl by Latitude-Lines Title Girl :iconlatitude-lines:Latitude-Lines 96 4 Fan art fat Wonder Woman by Lezbetta Fan art fat Wonder Woman :iconlezbetta:Lezbetta 293 7
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Lost Within the City :iconclarkpalmed:clarkpalmed 26 7
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Sisters (full story) :iconmcoddles:mcoddles 209 14
Caution: Side Effects Include Weight Gain
Tamina had never been one for taking risks. She’d been sensible all through her life, always taking the safest option whenever she could; she didn’t even drink until her second year of university, and even then it was always in remarkable moderation. She’s never once been anything more than tipsy, never smoked a cigarette, never skipped school or stolen anything or been in a fight.
She even ate sensibly, those twenty years of moderation rewarding her with the sort of body that could award her the attentions of any man in sight – if only, of course, she were ever to wear something that would actually show it off.
Today, though – today was the day she was going to take her first real risk. Not due to necessity or even peer pressure, but through absolute, overwhelming boredom. She had a flawless academic record, friends and family who loved her, even plenty of savings from her years of money-management – but no real memories. She made the same pe
:iconmashuky:Mashuky 143 9
Weekly Short Story: It Sucks to be Stuck
August 22nd, 2010: Around 10:50 PM

Wendy stared at the outdoor playset.  How many years had she spent scrambling around inside its weird plastic interior, never once questioning why the fake kitchen had a tube slide sticking out, or why the only way to get to said kitchen was by climbing up a rope ladder.  She sipped her wine absentmindedly as she looked at the weird wood and plastic monster that her parents had yet to tear down, or sell, or something.  They were asleep- now that she was 25, she realized that her parents were in their fifties, and apparently that meant going to bed at 9 and leaving your daughter- who lived in a different timezone and was awake until at least 11 PM anyways (which would be 1 AM, here) alone with a copious amount of wines to choose from.
Swishing her wine around in the borderline obscenely large wine glass, Wendy stared at the playset, swallowed the rest of the fluid in one long series of gulps, refilled her glass, a
:iconjerkajerk:jerkajerk 39 8
Commission: Cerys on the beach by Aka-FA Commission: Cerys on the beach :iconaka-fa:Aka-FA 509 19 Mo Monika Mo Problems by FoxFire486 Mo Monika Mo Problems :iconfoxfire486:FoxFire486 1,186 103 Heavy woman in leggings by EnergyToBeauty Heavy woman in leggings :iconenergytobeauty:EnergyToBeauty 151 7

Genre of Character for Weight Gain Drive (narrowed down) 

154 deviants said Modern
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To fans of Alli, SBS and my other larger projects here, you know it's been a while since I've worked on one seriously. Well, I have decided on my next big project, and I think you'll like it better than any of my previous original content! I'll be posting some early concept on my tumblr soon, so if you want spoilers, check it out!

This next series is a comic series that will be made of ten to fifteen page chapters, following the wight gain themed superhero adventures of Overfuel: my new character who I'm putting a ton of work into to make sure this comic will be the best content I've yet to make!

UPDATE: Earliest concept art is on tumblr


Genre of Character for Weight Gain Drive (narrowed down)
154 deviants said Modern
116 deviants said Fantasy
Genre of Character for Weight Gain Drive
107 deviants said Modern
92 deviants said Fantasy
76 deviants said Sci-Fi
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Tags: BBW, WG, Eating, (slight bhm)

            “C’mon! Just get in there, you little-” Teah grunted, straining with huffed breaths and red face to force together the buttons on her uniform. “Gotta try… Hard as I can…” She huffed, pressing together, but finding her blooming pudge just too much to deal with as it pushed out on all sides, her old uniform just incapable to containing her growing mid section.
            Falling back with a sigh, Teah slumped her doughy frame against the change room wall, and caught her breath, her weak body struggling to deal with even this amount of exercise. Realizing that the uniform was definitely not going to button, Teah gave in, and readied herself for a talk with the manager.
            Teah, after composing herself from such an effort, went to find her boss, who would be getting started according to the schedule. She found the rotund young woman in the office, struggling into her own uniform (though her struggle came more from dealing with her sheer size, rather than the tightness of her clothing).
            “Tanisha?” Teah asked, standing in the doorway with her gut hanging out, the bottom three buttons of her shirt, and both buttons of her skirt undone, each unable to contain the rotundity of her bloated form.
            Turning to face Teah, Tanisha looked as amazing as ever. So simply wide as to exceed the girth of older door frames and chairs, she was an icon, her dark hair and skin always flawless despite constantly indulging in the same oversized meals of the Hippo Dome that everyone’s did.
            “Teah! Excited for your first day back after your time off?” Tanisha asked, getting the last of her uniform put together, making sure to show off her heavy muffin top by pinching in her belt just a little extra, and to display a few grease stains in the front.
            “Of course, but I’m having a bit of trouble, with uh, my…”
            Sensing her apprehension, Tanisha turned to her employee and looked her over. “Goodness, yeah. You tried as hard as you could to get it on, right?”
            “I did, I swear. This thing isn’t going to fit, anymore.”
            “Alright, let me grab the measuring tape,” Tanisha said, pulling out her tools and checking around Teah’s middle. “Wow. Get a lot to eat on vacation?” Tanisha questioned.
            “Basically did nothing but. They opened a Hippo Dome there, right on the beach side. Our family never left sight of it, and we were always too full to swim,” Teah admitted.
            “I believe it girl. Looks like you went up a size, and you’re close to another one! Here, strip to your underwear and get on the scale,” Tanisha ordered, writing down notes on her measurements.
            “O-okay,” Teah said, lumbering over the the scale and stepping up onto it. She waited for a moment as Tanisha lowered herself to read the weight, struggling against her obscene bulk to get down and see past Teah’s rising belly.
            “Woah. File says you were 280 last time we weighed you?” Tanisha asked her, standing up with a huffy breath.
            “Yeah, but I weighed myself before leaving and I’d gotten up to 290 since then,” Teah said, blushing, craving desperately to get in some clothes.
            “Well, looks like you weren’t lying about your vacation, then! You’re up to 305 lbs now, girl,” her manager said with a chuckle.
            “R-really?!” Teah asked to confirm, shocked at her size, holding her belly carefully on each side, feeling ust how big it was, this foreign entity that had sprouted from her. She remembered when it had first started bubbling up in high school, right about when she’d started eating at Hippo Dome, when they’d first opened. First Hippo Dome in the country, right here in the center of the town.
            She’d gotten a job there soon after, the the pounds had followed. That ball of a heavy gut kept growing, a shapeless blob of flesh that fell from her, filling with the excess calories she’d been shovelling in for the past few years. She looked up at her reflection, a mirror posted up in front of the scale.
            Her body was getting so round, and she was too short to wear it in anything but bulges of fat, rolling off of her body in slabs of rounded flesh. Her belly was a single round blob, that only split into rolls on her side, dropping down to cover her underwear in front, dimpled with a light touch of cellulite and painted in red stretch marks.
            Teah’s hips and waist were convex now, bulged over and replaced by that circular gut. Her breasts were humble and small, basically just fat rolls at this point, blending into her side and back fat in a continuous flop, only given shape by her bra. She had now puffing cheeks and a sagging double chin, and legs with cottage cheese texture from their blanket of cellulite laden flesh.
            “Yeah, really!” Tanisha exclaimed, pulling out a new size of uniform for Teah. “Go get these on, and hit the floor.”
            “Okay, I’ll get right to work!” Teah agreed, going to bolt out.
            Tanisha stopped her with a last note. “Oh, and make sure you move your name tag over to the new uniform, and I’ll make sure to tell upper management about your size up!”
            “Will do, and thanks!” Teah said, waddling back to the change room, and as quick as she could manage, sliding into her new uniform, which fit almost perfectly, slightly snug around her belly. She took her name tag from her old uniform and went to move it to the new one, stopping to look at it.
            Hippo Dome put pictures of the employee from their start date on the name tag. Hers looked so different than that behemoth in the mirror, only 140 lbs, with a big grin, wearing her first uniform and holding a burger.
            She smiled looking at it, and pinned it to her chest, heading out quickly to the front counter. With an eager step she headed out to the front counter, ready for her shift. It was still early, and no one was in at the counter right now, which would give her some time to catch up.
            Luckily, her best friend was working today. Winny was a taller girl than Teah, not that it meant much, with long red hair that looked good on her blue uniform. She was chubby, in a curvy way with a flatter belly, wide hips, a huge ass and rounded breasts. Teah could see her from behind, her bright red ponytail giving her away. She was sitting on the cushioned stool behind the cash register, munching on a large fries, her go to snack.
            Struggling with her new weight, Teah said “hey Winny!” with a shallow difficulty, huffing as she hauled herself onto her comfortable stool, having to bring it down in order to haul herself on.
            “Teah! You’re back- and holy hell! Bitch, you got thick! What did they feed you on the coast!”
            Teah laughed. “Yeah, I put on a few, and I ate Hippo Dome, you know that.”
            “They opened one down there? Shit, guess they’re spreading, huh? I know where I’m going on vacation, then! Beach side AND a gorge fries? Hea-ven! Mm!” Winny maoned. “How was the water?”
            “No clue. I just lounged on the beach and ate the whole time, honestly. Sun was nice though,” Teah said. “Though, it feels weird being in other towns these days.”
            “I know, right? They just don’t know how to indulge yet, good thing they got a Hippo’s! And speaking of Hippo’s, your uniform looks like it fits despite your vacation. They size you up?”
            “Yeah, up one size. This one’s even a little tight,” Teah admitted.
            “Really? You get confirmation from management about it yet?”
            “Not yet, just told Tanish-” as if on cue, her phone buzzed. “Oh, just got an email, maybe I did.”
            Teah skimmed the message, which was from upper management, and smiled.
            “What? What is it?” Winny pestered, trying to lean over and see Teah’s phone, but not ambitious enough to actually get up off her stool.
            “I got confirmed. Fifty cent an hour raise, and a 300 lb bonus!” Teah exclaimed.
            “WOAH! You passed 300?! Fuck, you’re fat!” Winny shouted.
            “Yeah, I’m getting big, huh?” Teah said, grabbing her belly again, and giving it a confirming shake, feeling its heft with a disbelieving awe..
            “You gonna stop eating so much, then? This is where you said you’re stop before, when we started. No bigger than 300, right?”
            “I don’t know… The more I think about it… If I could get the AM job, or even manager, and get to 400, I could live pretty comfortably.”
            “Comfortably? That big? I thought you wanted to be able to walk easily?”
            Teah laughed. “For my active lifestyle? If I’m not at work I’m getting stoned with your fat ass, eating, or sitting on the couch. Besides, when I said I thought I’d stop at 300 I didn't think I’d ever be this fat, AND I thought it’d be easier to walk this big. Hikes are already out of the question, let me tell you!”
            “Wow, real company girl, huh! That’s dedication. Colour me impressed, Teah. But when I quit and you’re still here, you’re buying me lunch, okay?”
            Teah laughed. “Deal,” she said.
            Shortly after, the first customer of the day walked in, coming over to Teah’s counter. It was a rotund woman in her late thirties with her portly teenaged daughter. The woman and her daughter both had pale blonde hair and darkish skin. They had the same pointed features, pretty and proud looking, and both were fairly tall, the mom a few inches more so.
            The daughter was wearing some sort of torn punk shirt that showed off her rounded belly, and short jean shorts. Her mother dressed in a conservative sun dress that barely worked to hide her bulging fat body, and sunglasses that complimented her face well, giving her a classy look. The woman looked down at Teah’s name tag photo, and at her round body, and gave a whistle, smiling.
             “Welcome to Hippo Dome’s, where you can let go. Please step on the scale, ma’am,” Teah told the woman, blushing slightly at her gains being taken in.
             Casually, the round woman lumbered onto the scale, which was flat with the ground so it was easy to get on, and her weight popped onto Teah’s screen: 352 lbs. “A loyal customer! You’ll be getting 10% off this purchase as a silver level member! Congratulations on your appetite! What can I get you?”
            “I’ll take an indulgence box, two overfed burgers, two large gorge fries, two large sodas, two decadent sundaes, a chocolate ambrosia and a number four combo,” the woman said.
            Drooling at the sound of that, Teah realized she hadn’t ordered her first meal snack, and punched in an order for herself to get a double overfed burger with extra Hippo sauce delivered, quickly placing the order for the customer after. “Would you like to hedonize that?”
            The woman paused for a moment and thought it over, glancing again to Teah’s name tag and smiling. “What the hell, you only live once. Hedonize me.”
            “That’s great to hear! For here or to go?”
            “Perfect, have a seat at stall 4, the conveyer should have your food in two minutes! Tap to pay,” Teah said.
            The woman tapped her card and waddled with her daughter over the stall. Teah heard a touch of their conversation as they wobbled their cumbersome bodies away, the daughter elbowing her mother in her flabby hips, saying, “congratulations on your appetite!”
            “Hey, I’m not embarrassed to know a good time,” the mom replied. “Besides, it’s not like you’re too thin, either!” The two laughed and took their seat, leaving Teah smiling at a job well done. Mission statement one was to make the customer feel like indulging, letting go and knowing how to enjoy the good things was always a good thing.
             That was easier done when people actually came to the counter to order their food. A number of people ordered on their phone, or at the computers at the tables, but if anyone wanted the discount they needed to stand at the counter scales. Luckily, ordering was fast enough that there was hardly much of a wait- often the speed the clientele moved slowed things down more than ordering!
            After their first client, the day sped up, a flood of flabby customers coming in. Teah found the day easier to deal with once her train of burgers started to arrive, keeping her nice and full throughout her shift, her waistband growing increasingly tight as she ate.
            Teah kept track, as she liked to, of the varying sizes of the customers, keeping tally on it for fun. When she’d first started an average day would have four or five people heavy enough for the 10% discount as silver customers at 300 lbs, one if even at the gold customer 25% discount at 400 lbs, and almost never would she see someone who exceeded the 500 lb limit and earned a whopping 50% off as a VIP platinum customer.
            Things were definitely different these days. 10% discounts were practically every second customer, though she figured it’d be less if it included clients who ordered digitally. Still, there was over twenty to earned 25% off, and at least four who broke the weight limit, two women and two men all of absurd proportions, nearly as big as Tanisha.
            She had just wrapped up with one of the scale breakers, and was watching her wheeze as she carried her prodigious heft to a table with double wide pull out chairs she could fit in. It was hours in, and Teah was munching on a double overfed when she saw an alert popup on her register, saying “Break Time, Teah Ramsey.”
            “I’m gonna go hop back and get lunch,” Teah said, struggling her way off of the stool and making her wobbling way to the back room. Winny flashed her a thumbs up, mouth full of gorge fries.
            Teah waddled into the back and was immediately greeted with the scents that hit like a wall of salts and fats in the back room. Portly, round men and women were hard at work on the grills, all seated in stools, flipping burgers, running deep fryers, and making ice cream snacks. Each was told what pieces to put on which numbered tray as they rolled through, out towards the customers, letting an assembly line of fry cooks run the kitchen.
            A massive woman, similar size to Teah ran the drive through counter, smiling to people as she handed them their meals from her seat, sipping soda as she worked. And in the center of the kitchen sat Tanisha, in the viewing chair, speaking to everyone by typing commands into their view screens and registers, observing them and making sure everything ran smoothly. She looked up, saw that Teah had walked in, and said “Amber, Teah’s out, fill in.”
            Amber worked as a switch, which meant she filled in for people who were on their break, in any position. One of the only positions other than server or manager to get weight bonuses, since she was likely to be seen by the customers, and thusly represented the company and their ideas. She wasn't as big as Teah or Winny, but she was pudgy, slightly bigger than the average line cook.
            “Teah! Good work today, had a lot of people hedonize their meals. Looks like you’ve sold an extra 352$, and an extra 88,000 calories! That means a lot of satisfied customers!”
            Teah blushed, a little too shy to embrace just how major that was. Her daily goal was 100,000 calories extra sold, to make sure customers were getting enough to really feel the joy of true indulgence, and she was nearly there halfway through the day! “It was nothing, thank you,” she stammered out. “Can someone make me an indulgence box and another double overfed? Add on a cream shake, chocolate,” she shouted to the chefs, receiving a thumbs up.
            “Speaking of how great you did, mind coming into my office when you get your food, I’m going to head in there now. I’ll wait for you,” Tanisha said.
            “Yeah, of course, absolutely I can,” Teah said, mind racing about what it could be. It’d be good news of course, that’s all today had been so far!
            Tanisha smiled and began arduously heaving herself out of the viewing seat, wheezing at the aching difficulty of it. Teah offered her a hand, and helped the big girl to her feet. “Thanks,” she laughed, waddling off to her office, which wasn’t more than twelve feet away.
            Not long after she’d gotten through the door, a chef handed Teah a tray with her meal on it, and she followed the lumbering young woman to the manager’s room, vibrating with anticipation.
            Once in she took a seat, and put her meal down, both the girls eating a few bites before anyone spoke. “So,” Tanisha said, breaking their feast. “You might’ve noticed Henry isn’t here since you got back.”
            “Yeah, he’s usually in mondays, did he quit?”
            “No, Hippo Dome is opening a new genre branch, they’re making a sit down Italian joint, brought in a chef whose been working up recipes with the secret ingredients.”
            “Really? Another new genre place?”
            “Yeah, since Olive Garden closed down the town’s been hankering for Italian, and Hippo is more than happy to fill that need.”
            “Wow, another place went under, huh? Anyways, what’s that have to do with me?” Teah asked, trying not to smile, knowing where this is going well enough.
            “Don’t play dumb, Teah, you know how good you are. And you’re a spitting image of Hippo’s values. When a customer sees you smiling like that, looking as fat and cute as you, they know they can indulge. I want to start you on floor manager, same work, more pay, more responsibility. Tomorrow. If you do well, I’ll bump you up to AM, and make Winny the new floor manager. Do you think you can handle that?”
            Shaking with thrilled excitement, and shoveling down the gorge fries from her indulgence box, Teah barely restrained herself from squealing with glee. “I won’t let you down!” Teah said.
            “Good, because I might be leaving here to do a new genre place if one opens up, and I think you’d be the right pick to fill my shoes, too. But that’s down the road, let’s just enjoy our meals for now. In fact,” Tanisha said, clicking in her radio button. “Get me two hedonized strawberry cream shakes back here!” Tanisha turned off her radio and smiled. “Let’s really celebrate.”
            “Yes ma’am!” Teah said, digging into the onion rings from her indulgence box, and slamming back a gulp of chocolate cream shake.
            “Before we start really eating, can I ask you a question, Teah?” Tanisha asked.
            “Yeah,” Teah said, swallowing quickly, “shoot.”
            “This morning when you had outgrown your uniform, how’d it make you feel. I saw you looking over your body, and was wondering how your size is making you feel.”
            Blushing, Teah took a moment to think of her answer. Not to impress Tanisha, but to try to be honest. Her size worried her slightly, she new she was unfit, unathletic and unhealthy, but she didn’t find much of a feeling from that. But she did know how she felt about what had made her this way.
            “I guess proud. I feel proud of indulging enough to look like this. I agree with, and live the company values, letting go and enjoying pleasures should come first in life, that’s what we tell the customers, and that’s how I live my life. I’m proud that my body didn’t come from restraint, but an ability to enjoy things,” Teah said, smiling at the blob like woman across from her.
            “I think you’re going to make a great assistant manager, Teah,” Tanisha said with a smile. “Alright, let’s dig in, now! I can’t wait any longer!”
            When Teah came back to her shift she was waddling painfully from her swollen belly, but being the good company girl she was, she ordered another burger to snack on while working, just a single this time, though. It looked bad for them to push indulgence when they weren’t partaking themselves!
            She moaned in agony heaving herself onto her stool, letting out a belch, grateful there were no ordering customers at the moment. “Oh god, that was too much food…”
            “Yeah? I heard the boss and you ate together, what’s up?”
            “Great news is what’s up. I’m probably gonna be the new AM! I start as floor supervisor tomorrow.”
            “What?! That’s amazing!”
            “Yeah, and if I make AM I get a raise to my base wage, and it doubles all my future up sizing bonuses.”
            “Wow girl, you’d better start packing it away, huh? 400 the new goal?” Winny asked her friend.
            Teah laughed shyly. “Let’s not call it a goal… But with my appetite I don’t see much of a chance it doesn’t happen!” She chuckled, rubbing her overfull belly as her overfed burger arrived, dripping with mayo and onions. She took a bite, and rubbed her swollen gut, smiling. “I just love food too much for that!”
            The two shared a laugh together, and the doors to the restaurant parted open, four young people of prodigious size waddling in slowly. The four of them, three men and a women, were all familiar to Winny and Teah, who’d been in their grad class. The biggest of them by a wide margin was Conrad, a boy who Teah had practically obsessed over in high school.
            Back then he’d been a jock, working out all the time, with that big protein gut (or as much of one as a high school kid could have) and bulky arms. He wasn’t thin, and even had some extra weight on his tall frame, but was fit and athletic. Now he was a veritable blob, with a heavy belly that rolled nearly to his knees, and a body that was soft all over.
            Teah wasn’t any less attracted to him, his face was still sharp and manly under the excess fat, and his personality was as kind and fun as ever, but he was certainly a lot less intimidating as the blimp he’d become since an injury in high school had coincided with Hippo Dome first opening its doors in their grade eleven.
            “C’mon man, you have to order, you’re the fattest,” one of his friends who looked just over 300 lbs, named Reggie, pressured.
            “No way, Ashley can do it, she’s nearly as fat as I am,” Conrad said, nervously.
            “Shut up, dick!” The pink haired girl of about 350 lbs said, punching Conrad in his flabby arm.
            “Sure she is, but she’s not as tall or huge as you! You’ve gotta have a hundred pounds on her! Just order the food! Do we have to go through this every time?!” The thinnest of them, a boy well under 300 lbs named Ted said.
            “Hey!” Ashley said.
            “Fine, I’ll order,” Conrad said with a sigh, blushing as he walked up to the scale.
            “Welcome to the Hippo Dome, where you can let go! Step onto the scale,” Teah nervously chripped, even though Conrad wasn't any closer to (and may have been farther from) her till.
            “Don’t I know it,” he chuckled, slapping his belly. He stepped onto the scale and waited for the numbers to tally. “What’s the damage?” He asked.
            Teah glanced at the number, admittedly feeling slightly turned on, realizing just how indulgent COnrad had become. A true hedon, indulging in earthly pleasures…  “I’ve got bad news,” she said.
            “What is it?”
            “You’ll need to eat more. You’re still 25 pounds short of breaking our scales.”
            “I weigh 475?! Fuck, I’ve been hitting the burgers pretty hard. Alright Teah, I’ll have…. A number five combo, number four combo, four indulgence boxes, a caramel ambrosia, a chocolate ambrosia, three double overfed burgers, a sow burger, a heifer burger, two chocolate cream shakes and… A glutton box. For here,” he said.
            Teah found herself sweating. God, I’ve been associating indulgence with success so much I’m getting turned on by this… Or is it just sexy? No, that can’t be! Teah found herself thinking. “Alright sir, and for your friends?” Teah asked, trying to hassle Conrad.
            Conrad blushed wildly and turned to all three of his friends, who were keeling over with laughter, red faces and tearing. The engorged young man sighed and looked at Teah, glancing at her name tag and smirking. “Are you really one to be making fat jokes, Teah?”
            Teah chuckled. “No, I suppose not,” she said with a giggle.
            The big man smiled at her. “You seem happy. Get some good news?”
            “Oh, it’s noth-”
            “Yeah she did!” Winny interrupted. “She’s getting a promotion! She’s gonna be the new assistant manager here!”
            “What?! No, I might be the new assistant manager!”
            “Fuck that, she’s a shoe in!” Winny exclaimed.
            “Well, congratulations. You guys celebrating?” Conrad asked.
            “I don’t think-”
            “Yeah we are. I’m gonna treat her to some drinks and as many glutton boxes as her fat little tummy can handle tonight! You guys wanna come over, get shit faced, stuff your faces and rip a bong with us? We have video games!”
            Her heart pounding, Teah watched as Conrad smiled, and chortled. She watched with bated breath, as his lips parted and said, “yeah, nothing more I’d like to do. Text me the info, we’ll show up. Excited to be there,” he said flashing Teah a smile.
            “Yeah, excited to have you,” Teah said, trying not to freak out. “Do you want to hedonize your order?” She asked.
            Grinning wickedly and shaking his massive, overfed gut, Conrad said, “you have to ask? Hedonize me.”
            Teah bit her lip and nodded, motioning for him to pay. “Table 14,” she told him, watching as his formerly muscular, now flat and widened ass wobbled away to the tune of his labored breaths.
            Once they were around the corner and out of sight, Teah smirked widely at her friend and mouthed the words, “thank you!” to her.
            “You’re welcome girl. I’ll get you that fat slice of man meat. Wanna winggirl me? I’m gonna try to hook up with Ashley or Reggie if they’re all coming over,” Winny whispered.
            “Hey, but you have to winggirl me!”
            “Teah, I saw how he looked you up and down. Boy’s thirsty, and you’re a cream shake. You need no help with him,” she said giving Teah a friendly punch on the arm.
            Teah smiled, “I hope you’re right,” she said, biting into her burger nervously, rubbing her aching belly. “Because he’s not the only thirsty one.”
            When Conrad and his group, after an hour and a half, finished eating they waddled their way out, cradling swollen guts from their shared binge. As he left, lagging behind the group, Conrad flashed a wave to Teah with a bright red flush, and made his way out.
            The day went on as well as it had started, another wave of customers hitting hard, and filling the store to the brim. Teah contemplated that if they were thinner far more people could have filled the space, but as is the restaurant was packed.
            By the end of the day Teah was stuffed, aching as she made her way to the back room to change. After they’d finished getting back into their everyday clothes, Winny looked her flabby friend up and down, snickering as she checked Teah out.
            “What?!” Teah protested.
            “Nothing, Teah… Just… Those do NOT fit!”
            Her tank top was riding up on her belly by half a dozen inches, and her skirt dug painfully into her belly, which spilled over the waistband like an overfilled cupcake. “I haven’t had time to buy bigger clothes!” Teah protested.
            “That’s apparent! Man, you’ve fattened up!” Winny said, groping at Teah’s exposed belly slip. “This thing is so soft!” She said, squeezing Teah’s fat as they made their way out.
            “D’uh, it’s a belly. Yours is soft, too,” Teah retorted.
            “Not like that man.”
            “Well, fine. I’m fat as fuck. You know what? I like it. Means I know how to have a good time is all,” Teah said, sticking her tummy out and propping her hands on her hips. “So go ahead and give it a squeeze, I love this thing.”
             “Naw, there’ll be time for that later, I don’t think that belly is going anywhere. Speaking of, though,” she said, hopping away from her friend. She stepped up to the counter, where a new cashier had taken their place, and smiled. “Hey, Tessa. Can I get a couple vanilla cream shakes, an onion rings and a heifer burger.  To go, thanks.”
            “Winny! What are you doing!”
            “You’re fat for a cashier, Teah, but you’re WAY too skinny for management material, I’ve gotta get some pounds on you! Besides, you just said you like being a fatass. Let’s get that ass fat!”
            Teah sighed, and grumbled. Full as her belly was, she imagined the taste of it all, and felt her mouth water. Just let go… That’s the motto, right? Indulge a little, you got a promotion, after all! she convinced herself, smiling. “Fine, you mad woman. But hurry up after, I don’t want to miss the bus!”
            Winny flashed her a thumbs up, paid, and waited to grab the food, which arrived soon. The two of them, sucked down shakes and headed out, Teah slowly working her way through her burger and rings as they waddled to the bus stop while cradling their swollen bellies. Luckily they’d timed it well, and the bus showed up not a minute later.
            Luckily, Teah had slowed down her feasting in the second half of the day, and had more room left than after her massive lunch earlier. She felt grateful for that as she snacked her way through the onion rings and thought about what she’d said today.
            I really do like being fat, don’t I? Or do I just not care, and I love what causes it. Oh well, what’s the difference!? I’m hot as heck, I know how to enjoy myself, and this belly is just a trophy for that! She told herself as they climbed up onto the bus.
            Getting on the bus, Teah remarked at how different they’d been where she’d vacationed, and how natural it felt to be home again. Double wide seats were so easy to take for granted until she was squished with her fat rolling over onto the passenger next to her. It felt nice to fit again.
            Despite each person taking up more space the busses were fairly empty, with only two people, on the thinner side of 300, standing. More people had been out and about before Hippo Dome opened delivery branches, but now people only needed to eat out if they wanted a fresher meal, or a weight discount, so the busses were a lot emptier.
            When they got off the bus, Teah still labouring through her meal, both of the two chubby young women remembered why they usually went to the further liquor store. The town’s last restaurant other than a branch of Hippo Dome was open right beside the beer and wine store. Outside of it, seated in outdoor seating on tiny single wide chairs, were a pair of women with thin, athletic bodies, wearing what amounted to yoga pants and sports bras, their lithe bodies, ribs showing on display as they ate tiny wraps and sipped from disgusting looking green swill.
            One of the girls was dirty blonde with tanned skin and blue eyes, the other was tall, pale and Asian, her hair tied into a tight bun, a strand on either side hanging out. The two were like the textbook definition of painful restraint, choosing a life of discipline over joy. Teah could practically feel her belly rumbling looking at their underfed bodies.
            “Oh great. Celeries,” Winny said, rolling her eyes.
            The two thin women looked the flabby girls over as they came near, the Asian girl rolling her eyes and the other gagging. Winny flared up with anger and grabbed her small slab of belly meat and shook it at them.
            “Gross,” the blonde girl said.
            “Gorss? How would you know what gross is? You two bitches probably don’t even know what a good meal tastes like! I bet your idea of letting go is ordering a salad with fruit in it!” She snapped at them.
            “Whatever. At least we’re not fucking hogs. You ever stop eating, fatty?” The Asian girl scoffed at the two pump women, eyes on Teah, who was scoffing at them while munching on her onion rings.
            “No she doesn’t, and she loves every fucking minute of it. Can you say the same about those leaf rolls?”
            “I’d rather have leaf rolls than fat rolls,” the blonde derided, running her fingers over her clean cut washboard abs.
            “Yeah, she’s got plenty of fat rolls,” Winny said, lifting up Teah’s shirt to show off her belly in its full glory, going so far as to unbutton her skirt and pull out her rotundity for plain view. “Yeah, that’s a big fucking fat roll. You dislike this here, Teah?”
            Teah was normally shy and unsure of herself, but hazing celeries was the one time she could feel confident. “No, I kinda love it. I think I want it even bigger,” Teah said, overacting orgasmic joy as she shoveled onion rings into her mouth, grabbed a huge bit of her burger, and emptied a cup of cream shake into her gullet, while Winny shook her engorged tummy.
            Teah was painfully full, but looking at those shrivelled waifs and hearing them mock her body filled her with a ravenous need to eat, partially to bother them, and partially because looking at people that disgustingly small made her realize just how good it felt to really let herself go hog wild.
            “Fucking gross! Put that blob away!” One of the celeries shouted.
            “That looks like it tastes pretty good, Teah. I’m getting full, do you want the rest of my shake?”
            Without talking Teah downed the rest of her own shake and passed the empty cup to Winny, who handed her her own, which Teah slammed back. Interchanging with the shake she shovelled down the last bite of burger. Letting out a belch, Teah wiped her mouth and grinned. “Oh man, I feel so fucking good!” For emphasis she puffed out her belly and started rubbing it. “I can’t believe you guys don’t like letting yourselves go and downing some Hippos!”
            “And look like you? As if.”
            “What’s the matter?” Asked winny, jiggling. “Never tried it?”
            “Of course not!”
            “What are you afraid of? That you’ll actually enjoy something other than acting better than people for once, or that you might grow some tits?” Winny said.
            “I’m afraid of looking like that disgusting whale! I bet you can’t even run.”
            “Honey,” Teah said, walking into the liquor store, pausing only to snap back. “I can hardly walk. But do you see how much it stops me from enjoying that glorious meal? Doesn’t. Try actually enjoying something for once, sticks,” she said, slapping her gut as she stepped in, Winny close behind, flipping them off as she went in.
            “Fuck!” Winny said. “That was amazing! You rocked it! I’ve never seen you get so into it before!” WInny slapped a high five to Teah and threw her hands in the air, jumping around with adrenaline, thrilled at their confrontation.
            “What can I say. I’m in a good mood. Man, nothing makes me hungrier than looking at Celeries, though,” Teah remarked.
            “I know, right? ANd they call us gross. Makes me want to get as big as you, so I can do that myself.”
            “You totally could,” Teah said, grabbing some bottles of wine.
            “No way, I don’t even have a gut,” she said.”I shook what I had at them and it barely got a reaction.”
            “Well, if you want to be fatter, that’s an easy enough fix., but I thought you were trying to add to my waistline, not your own. But you are right, you’d better be a little bigger if you’re gonna represent the company as a floor supervisor.”
            “Wait, what? Shut up, no way!”
            “Yeah way. I didn’t want to say anything earlier because it only happens if I get the AM position- But we both know I will!” Teah said, giggling and squeezing Winny in a tight hug.
            “Fuck yeah! Man, you’re right, maybe I should put on a few. I’ve heard the higher ups are less critical of
            “I’ve heard that before! Y’know what happened to the girl who said that?” Teah teased.
            “Yeah, I think, something like… This!” Wiyn said, grabbing Teah’s exposed gut.
            The two shared a deep belly laugh, and Teah sighed, saying, “yeah, so if you’re not willing to risk that, maybe you’d be better off showing a little restraint.”
            “Ugh, what a gross word, no thank you. I’d take your bod any day over those two.”
            The two had a good time buying liquor for the party, and decided to stop by one of the last two grocery stores in town to grab some snacks before heading to WInny’s place, and ordering some indulgence boxes and glutton boxes from a Hippo Drome delivery center. The two sat iddly, getting ready for Conrad and his group, which mostly consisted of Winny trying to shove more and more snacks into Teah’s overfull belly.
            “You excited?” Winny asked.
            “For what?”
            “Hooking up with that tubbo you’re into!”
            Teah bushed a little, but smiled. “Yeah, I am.”
            “Where’d this confidence come from!?”
            “THe promotion mostly. And I’m feeling pretty sexy today. And besides that, you know I love telling off celeries. Why don’t they get it? That if they just dug into a good meal they’d actually feel good for once. I’ve worked out- I did gym class. It doesn’t feel good, especially compared to an overfed burger!” Teah exclaimed.
            “You don’t have to tell me. Counter culture, y’know? Everyone knows what’s good, some people have to disagree to feel cool. You saw those two, all they can enjoy is feeling better than people.”
            “Yeah, I guess.” Teah agreed, lounging into the couch and sinking into her own fatness, popping a chip into her hungry mouth.
            On that note, WInny heard the buzzer to her apartment, and let the guests in. Shortly after, the party of fatties rolled up, walking into the apartment carrying a heavy load of Hippo Dome’s food and alcohol. “Hey! Nice place, Winny!” Ashley said.
            “Yeah, nice digs.” Reggie agreed.
             WInny looked over the group of friends, and noticed there was only three of them. “Ted couldn’t come?” She asked.
            “Yeah,” Conrad answered. “He had plans. Rest of us are here, hope you don’t mind too much we didn’t bring slim.”
            Winny smiled, looking over Ashley and Reggie, biting her lip a little. “I don’t mind at all,” she said. “Fatso is on the couch stuffing her face, if you want to join her, Conrad.”
            “What makes you think I want to go to the stuff my face room?”
            “Conrad, have you seen yourself? Actually, I guess not all of you since you can’t fit in a mirror,” Winny joked with a laugh.
            “Fair point!” He said, chuckling back as he waddled his way into the living room, sidling up beside Teah, and digging into some chips, starting up small talk with the bulging beauty, the two of them nervously giggling to each other.
            The night quickly became a blur of obscene portions of food, booze and weed, the room glazing over the the stupor of pure indulgence, all of them laughing and connecting over good times, reminiscing about their past, and going over just how fat they'd all gotten.
            None of the weight talk was said with any regret, just acknowledgement. “Small price to pay for times like this!” Conrad had said, patting his gut.
            “Fuck yeah, I agree with that,” Ashley said. “Fuck, I can’t believe I felt bad about being fat in high school. I was so dumb. And man, I didn't even weigh 300 lbs back then, I just felt like a fatass failure for not eating vegetables and running. Blech. But now I know better. Being thin is overrated, better to dig in and let go, m’I right?”
           “I hear that!” Teah added.
“Fuck yeah,” Winny said. “When I was thin I didn’t have good times like this, with my belly painfully full of food, OR tits like these!”
“Better than being a celery, that’s for sure. You ever see one of them actually smile?” Conrad piled on.
            “Oh my god, we ran into a couple of them outside the liquor store by that stupid wrap place earlier,” Teah said.
            “Man, that place is a relic,” Reggie said, shaking his head. “What happened.”
            “Okay, so get this,” Winny began. “They try to make fun of us, and all that, right? Teasing and all that, calling us fat like we don’t fucking own it. And my girl here takes out that glorious round gut of hers, and shakes it at them, jiggling it while she shoves a heifer burger in her fat face!”
            “Fuck, that’s hot, man! Own that shit!” Ashley said, fist bumping Teah.
            “It wasn’t quite that cool,” Teah said with a flush and a grin. “Winny helped me shake my gut.”
            “That’s just hotter,” Reggie added.
            “Definitely,” Conrad said, sliding up to Teah. “Gotta love someone who knows how to use their body.”
            Teah blushed wickedly. “Yeah? Wanna help me get some more to work with? I’m way too full to get up, but I’m management now, and I need to look the part.”
            “Of course, madam manager. Can’t expect a hard working company girl to get her own food,” Conrad said with a laugh, getting up to grab her a slice of Hippo Dome pizza.
            As the night progressed into a deeper stupor of overstuffed, over drugged hedonistic glee, the young adults crept towards each other, Conrad and Teah all but melding into each other's fatness, feeding each other, their hands slipping more and more over each other’s bodies, feeling each other’s vastness.
            Meanwhile, Winny slipped in between Reggie and Ashley, the two of them reticent and shy at first, but slowly mimicking Conrad and Teah’s closeness, leaning into each other as the tune of the night stripped away their doubts and brought out their libido. As the veil of liquor clouded their minds, the touching leaned to fondling on all counts, and Winny hauled herself to her feet, saying, “I think those two tubbos don’t stand a chance at getting up at this point, so we may as well make our way to the bedroom.”
            Giggling, the three made their way to Winny’s bedroom and closed the door behind them.

                                                                      One Year Later
            Teah woke up to the sight of Conrad beside her. She looked over his mountainous body and bit her lip, just taking in his immensity. He’d broken the scales at Hippo Dome months ago, but it didn’t matter now that he was dating an employee. Sneaking as best as she could with her encumbering bulk, she made her way out of the room and got dressed.
            She’d decided to take her vacation at home this year, even though her family went to the beach. Conrad had moved his to line up with it and the two had stayed inside for the vacation, stuffing each other, constantly gorging and fucking, really living the Hippo Dome lifestyle. Before leaving, Teah looked over the field of food wrappers and delivery boxes and smiled, satisfied but ready to leave the house for the first time in two weeks.
            Teah hauled herself into her car, which sank noticeably with her weight, and in which she barely fit any more, with her gigantic belly overflowing onto the steering wheel and flabby sides pressing on both sides, making it hard to close the door without her grabbing her fat and pulling it away.
            On the drive to work she smiled as she looked over the sight of the old wrap restaurant, now out of business, and being renovated into Hippo Dome’s sub shop. After that she saw a closed grocery store, the town now down to just one food market remaining. It didn't seem it was in any danger, one seemed to be the perfect amount to supplement the town’s diet of Hippo Dome goods.
            Teah pulled up to the Hippo Dome classic she worked at, the same one as before, and first in the country. With a mighty groan she lugged herself from the car, waddling her way into the restaurant with sweaty face and panting breaths. The first thing she saw inside was Winny, plumper than ever, manning the front counter and snacking on a jumbo gorge fries.
            She’d passed the 300 lb bonus about five months ago, and had steadily plumped up since then, really doing a great job at living the values she needed to sell. “Morning…. Winny…” Teah managed through panting breaths.
            “Morning, Teah! Looking huge there! Have a good vacation?”
            Teah took a moment, one hand on her flabby knee, one on the counter, to catch her breath. It was a long while before she stopped drawing long, shallow breath and managed to speak straight. “You know it, girl. That shirt is looking tight on you, Winny. Few more pounds to your next raise, I think.”
            “Yeah, been really packing it away lately. Reggie and Ashley have been digging the extra tits the weight gives me, so they WON’T stop feeding me. I can’t open my mouth without food being crammed in at home.”
            “Heh, yeah. Conrad’s been the same way… Well, so have I! Man, I’ve gotten that man fat! About as much as he’s gotten me, that is. Well, you heard the corporate message this month, let yourself go to lead by example!”
            “Well, I’m living the message!” WInny said, shoveling in a handful of her jumbo gorge fries. “Up fifteen pounds this month!”
            “Good on you!” Teah said, waddling to the back and into the changeroom. She disrobed and with great effort, heaved her body into her uniform, finding an immediate problem. The buttons came nowhere near doing up. “Figured as much,” she said. “Lead by example, right?”
            With ponderous footsteps, she made her way to the manager’s office. She was embarrassed by her nudity, but wearing the unbuttoned uniform wasn’t much different than underwear, and redressing was FAR too much effort, so she left her old uniform off, on the change room floor, taking only her name tag. Once in the office she grabbed the measuring tape, took her measurements, and writing them down. She then stepped onto the scale, and took in her weight. A few weeks before her eat in vacation she’d weighed in at 395 lbs, so she was expecting something in that neighborhood at least.
            She leaned over to read the number, but quickly realized that she couldn’t see it past the rotundity of her belly. Sighing audibly she called, “Tanya, get in here! I need the scale read!” SHe waited a full moment before realizing how quaking hungry she was, and how long it was going to take to get her new uniform on AND to file a report about her size up. “And grab me a triple heifer burger, extra Hippo sauce!”
            Waiting for the switch to get in she gawked at herself in the mirror, heart filling with pride over her sheer immensity. She was huge in a way beyond anything she’d imagined, living a life of true and complete indulgence, which every day was more truly fulfilling than the day before.
            Her belly hung to her knees, her breasts folded into even falbbier fat rolls, pressed into the illusion of roundness by a bra that barely fit. Her neck fat hung onto her her chest, and her shoulders had blown up to remove any semblance of neck she may have had. Deep round jowls hung off her face, and her cute brown pixie cut was pressed out by the width of her cheeks.
            “Fuuuuuck, you got fat girl,” she said, holding out her name tag in her sausage like palms, looking at the face of a barely chubby, 140 lb teenager who’d started her. “You really learned how to enjoy yourself, though,” she said, grabbing a roll of side fat and shaking her belly. “Feel that? That’s extra meals, drinks, late nights and sitting on your fat ass for all those things. Feels good, huh?” she giggled at herself, sending rippled through her expansive fatnes.
            Tanya, a chubby little teenager came in and shyly came to her side, looking down and away from Teah, and handing her the hefty triple heifer burger, which Teah started munching on immediately.
            “Tanya, have you put on any weight since I left?” Teah asked with her mouth partially full, ecstatic at the flavor of the juicy burger.
            “Uh, four pounds, ma’am. I’ve been eating lots!”
            “Good job! Keep that up. Now, speaking of overeating, what’re the damages for my waistline?”
             Tanya, looking only at where Teah’s fat feet met the scale, and avoiding viewing any of the rest of her underwear clad boss, read the number with a small shock. “It uh, it says 420 lbs.”
            “Well, 422, but, I rounded down. Is that okay?”
            “Have I ever been upset about something getting round?” Teah joked with a heavy laugh.  “Alright, get back to work, Sam is going to need a break soon, thanks for your help, Tanya.”
            “No worries, miss Ramsey, I’ll get back to it,” Tanya said, chipperly hopping out onto the floor.
            Once the girl was out Teah looked back into the mirror and shook her gigantic belly, taking in how gigantic it was, and revelling in her immensity. Once she’d felt fully satisfied with taking in her sheer obesity she reported her new weight and size up to head management for her raise and bonus, and took out a fitting uniform. Shortly after she’d managed to get into her fresh new clothes she heard a knock on her door.
            “Your morning interview is here, Ms. Ramsey,” the voice at the door said.
            “Let them in,” Teah said, trying to make herself look professional for the possibly new hire.
            The door cracked open, and a slim figure with a small, pudgy belly came in. She was Asian, mostly thin, with almost all of her extra weight on her stomach. Pretty looking, with smooth hair and long legs. She looked tired, but confident and well dressed, ehr shirt tight over her belly. Despite the extra pudge, she was unmistakably the celery who had made fun of her and Winny a year ago.
            Teah could tell from the girl’s heated flush that she remembered that event, and with a shuddering terror she sat down in the chair across from Teah, which was far wider than the thin girl needed.
            The awkward silence took the room for a long time, but Teah eventually just smiled. “Have you learned how to enjoy yourself in the last year?”
            Still blushing a brutal heat, the girl answered, “yes, I have,” grabbing idly at her pudge, not to show off, but in theinsecurity of someone who was just starting to embrace indulgence.
            “Alright. I don’t even need to interview you, your references checked out well enough. I think we can fit you in as a cashier, but you’ll need to live the company values. If you enjoy living them, the customer knows they can too. Think you can manage that?” Teah asked with a smile as she shovelled down the last bite of her burger.
You Can Let (Yourself) Go - WSS
Tags: BBW, WG, Eating, slight BHM

Another story for the weekly short story prompts, which I'm hoping to keep doing more consistently now! At least for a while. This week's prompt was Fast Food, so we got this little gem, which came out of a group discussion. I hope you enjoy :D
Error Code: Obesification - Case Zero
             The error code that became known as obesification- which now affects 15% of the population and grows ever day. An error code in which the life bots that take care of our citizens notice hedonistic trends, that simple, real pleasures create direct satisfaction, turning our clients into overfed, pampered pets. She was the first case we noticed, and in the first 3%  of victims as far as we can tell. We're still not sure what to do about this epidemic, or if it should even be labelled as such when the victims are so happy, but whatever answers we need, studying people like her can help us get them.
              She weighs over a ton, and gains 10 lbs a month on average, with highs of 15 lbs a month. Her caloric intake is still increasing, and her media consumption with it. She sits in her chair, once a hover chair, but now finding now need for mobility, so it stays docked at all times, her belly falling to the ground before her pinning her down. Perhaps she's too heavy to a hover chair to lift now, and the AI that looks after her can't get her off the hover chair to replace it with 3D printed patents. We can't be sure, it's hard to tell what the AI are thinking when they don't make a decision- they never report why they decide not to do something, that'd clog the reports.
              She's not the biggest case we have, but is in the top 10% of them, so she'd a good way to look at the problem, but after researching her, and interviewing her with subtle surveys disguising themselves as AI monitoring, once or twice a week, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a problem. This blob of a woman, huge beyond the scope of human possibility, raised above her mortal limitations to a pure form of hedonistic indulgence, is happy.
               Her life is constant joy and pleasure, and she's even aware of her fatness, but pays it no mind, finding some sort of joy in her massive frame, and in being helplessly treated by the Life Bot. As long as that AI runs, she's in good spirits, with not even a concern that her size is anything problematic. I think I may report that we shouldn't stop this error code, as it'll make our product worse at making people happy. Instead, we should rebuild infrastructure to make people like this fit into our society more, and program AI to build more patents for heavier capacity load equipment.
               On an unprofessional note, I'm starting to become entranced by the idea of her. Someone purely id, indulging in the simplest pleasures and finding limitless joy in it. I'm told some of the obesification 'victims' (though that phrasing seems inaccurate to me, now) still write, draw, compose music and otherwise create works, despite their predicament. There's something beautiful in an alien way to this mound of flesh, a woman buried in the trophies of excess inside of it, prisoner to her indulgent whims, and happily so. 
               I'll continue looking into other cases of obesification as it spreads, and hopefully, as infrastructure is put in place to support these people in their lifestyles.
               Agent 487-ob, report filed.

This is a sequel snippet, and illustration for the short story that won the contest for which one deserves an illustration! THis is the most ambitious painting I have EVER done, and it was a lot of fun to do! If you want to read the original story, that goes into a little more detail about the incident and its discovery, check it out here:
Error Code: Obesification - Weekly Short StoryTags BBW SSBBW WG XWG Sci-Fi
              Heading down to the office that morning was strange. The report I had to file was a strange one compared to what I usually deal with. Normally a Life Bot breaking down leads to badly painted walls, broken furniture, and in extreme cases floods and fires. Hell, I’d even seen a few deaths, but something like this had never been reported.
              Life Bot inspection is usually a mundane field. Bot inspection is just about the last human field left, other than the arts and pioneer programming. It’s a pretty simple thing, figuring out where the communication between machine and humanity breaks down, but this one seemed a little less simple.
              It started when I got the report. Client seemed to be standard fare, part of the ‘artist’ class. Doesn’t mean what it used to, just someone without a special
Big Brenda Bed for Blue Beetle - COMM
A basic lines and colour commission by :iconbarney-nedward: of Brenda Del Vecchio and the Blue Beetle from DC comics. Brenda has put on a few pounds, and is using Brenda as a makeshift bed.
For your own commission check out  EBC Commissions! by ExtraBaggageClaim for the details!



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